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The Midnight Gardens

Light & Shadows

Ever woken in the middle of the night wondering if Mulder and Scully will ever get together? Glued to the television set every Sunday night? Welcome to my world. The Midnight Gardens are a place where you can relax, knowing that at least here Mulder and Scully are always together.

(Memento Mori)
For the first time I feel time like a
heartbeat, the seconds pumping
in my breast like a reckoning; the
numinous mysteries that once
seemed so distant and unreal
threatening clarity in the presence
of a truth entertained not in youth
but only in its passage. I feel
these words as if their meaning 
were weight being lifted from me,
knowing that you will read them
and share my burden as I have 
come to trust no other. That you
should know my heart, look into it,
finding there the memory and 
experience that belong to you, 
that are you, is a confort to me
now as I feel the tethers loose and
the prospects darken for the
continuance of a journey that 
began not so long ago, and which
began again with a faith shaken
and strengthen by your
convictions. If not for which I
might never have been so strong
now as I cross to face you and 
look at you incomplete, hoping
that you will forgive me for not
making the rest of the journey with you.

A Thousand Tears

(The Field Where I Died)
No one knows who they have been
or who they will be. No one. Though
I know more than most. In each life
am I destined to find this field?
To understand its secrets? Perhaps.

Melissa is dead, by her own hand. The
winds of fate changing everyone and
everything just as I am about to
understand. Everything changes.

As I walk through this field I am
certain that it holds secrets still,
even from me. Soulmates? Who can say?
I had thought that Melissa might be mine
but now I am not so sure. I felt a
connection to her but I do not think
she was the 'one'.

It is amazing to think that Scully and I 
have shared other lives. Have traveled
other roads. It makes sense really.
Who am I without Scully?

She is waiting from me, at the front of the house.
There are memories here for her too. Memories
she cannot recall as I can. Mine only
through regression. She had told me
to take my time, that she would wait for me.
She seems to do a lot of that. Waiting for me.

Destiny is waiting for me too. I can feel
it on the wind, swirling around me, waiting
for me to choose my path. I cannot, not yet.

I walk back towards the house, feeling more
confused then when I arrived. Scully turns
when I step onto the lawn. She seems not
to know how unconsious a movement she
has made. She could not have heard me
coming, so how did she know? She asks
no questions, just comes up to me and
hugs me. I hug her back and seem to find
myself again, in her.

I look back towards the field. A thousand tears
won't wash those memories from me. A
thosand words will never explain what
has happened to me here. Only one
person can truly understand 
and she all ready knows.