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Below are people who really really want someone to talk to so pick one and start a friendship, make sure to talk constantly about the x files too. Have fun!

1. Name: Robert Lindahl Jr. Email Robert

Comments: I'm 17. I'm from WI. I'm an x-files fan.I love Sci-fi and fantasy. I love the outdoors,and playing RPG's.

2. Name: Matt Email Matt

Comments: I'm 12. Like X-Files. Good at HTML. 7th grade.

3. Name: Erin Email Erin

Comments: me need people to write.

4. Name: Hannah Email Hannah

Comments: Hi, I'm 16 from the UK and an X-Files fanatic, I also love Due South and most sports. I love talking to other X-philes from around the world.

5. Name: Tasha Jordison Email Tasha

Comments: I'm 25, I just recently started watching the x-files. It's really interesting. very errie

6. Name: Steffie Email Steffie

Comments: I'm 19 from Germany and I've loved The X-Files for years. Still need more pals so drop me a line.

7. Name: Addie Email Addie

Comments: THE X-FILES...telephone...friends...THE X-FILES!!!!! 15/f from ohio.

8. Name: Winnie Email Winnie

Comments: Hi Everybody, My name is Winnie and I'm 17. I'm looking for a penpal who loves the X-Files as much as I do and is not afraid to shout it from the roof tops. No one else I know is as nutty about the files as me. But I need someone who is dedicated to writing, because I tend to write a lot. Thanx, Wendy

9. Name: Sara Thomson Email Sara

Comments: I looove X-Files!!!!! And I write and act. I'm 18 and a freshman at the University of NC at Charlotte. Female of course.


Need someone to talk to? Need someone who understand you and likes the same things you do? Need to have someone within arms length when your favorite rerun of the x files comes on? Well look no further. New and Improved X Files Penpals! Just fill out the form below stating your intrests and a little about yourself. Your stats will be posted and, who knows, perhaps a lifelong friend is waiting to get in touch with you! So fill out the form below and have fun!