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The X Philer's Newsletter

The X Philers Newsletter Online

Welcome to the X Philers Newsletter Online. It's a great source of information for your favorite television show, The X Files. With over 100 members and some very talented writers we bring you the best the world wide web has to offer. Feel free to view the archives or sign up for the best free newsletter for The X Files. Sign up below and start recieving weekly news on your favorite show that will keep you updated constantly! Have a wonderful week! -Tarah, Editor-in-Chief

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Meet the Writers

Tarah: Editor and producer of the Newsletter. Email her here.

Aria: Creator of the X Poll and the controversial Question of the Week. Contact her here.

Hannah: Creator of the X-Abet and the recent Wepage Reviews. Contact her here.

Natalie: Creator of our wonderful Fanfic Reviews which make us cry and laugh with other fans of The X Files. Email her here.

Plus: The very talented opinons and reports of our wonderful readers who contribute each week.